The American Lhasa Apso Club (ALAC) provides quality education for owners, fanciers, exhibitors, breeders, and judges to support best practices of caring, breeding, exhibiting, and judging.

ALAC recognizes the long history of the human-canine bond and supports the caring and responsibility of Lhasa ownership. Owning a dog provides us with both psychological and health benefits. Responsible dog ownership requires a commitment for the life of the dog. This takes time, patience, and training to ensure a puppy will grow up to be a loving companion pet and not a challenge or a nuisance. Ownership requires emotional and financial commitment over the life of the Lhasa. It is strongly urged that all potential owners evaluate their lifestyle and research breeds and breeders before purchasing a Lhasa puppy.

Being a responsible dog owner means considering not only the needs of the dog, but also those of the community. Responsible dog owners ensure that their Lhasas are socialized and friendly, and that they abide by local ordinances and leash laws.

Educating the public takes all of us. Bringing a puppy or even an older dog into your home is a major decision. It brings with it not only responsibility and commitment, but also joy, laughter, and tears. Not one of us who has ever shared life with a Lhasa would have it any other way.