Yes. Lhasas generally do very well in households where they are left alone while the owners go to work. Perhaps it is their independent nature, but very few Lhasas suffer from separation anxiety. Be sure not to fuss over your Lhasa before you leave for work and don’t make a big deal when you get home. Make sure your Lhasa is in a safe environment, preferably a large crate or pen, while unsupervised. A smart Lhasa can think up all sorts of amazing mischief to keep himself busy when you are not at home.

Additionally, in case of an emergency such as a fire or an earthquake, for example, it is important that the owner or rescue crews can locate the animal quickly, without further risking human life to search for the dog. Keeping the dog penned or crated can facilitate its rescue much more effectively. Since it is most likely that the animal will spend much of its time sleeping while its owner is away from home anyway, it just makes good sense to keep it penned or crated for its own protection.