I’ve spent about 35 years living with Lhasa Apsos, raising them, showing them, enjoying them. I consider them my friends. It has grown from a whim to a passion in my life. The dogs are very much a part of me, an expression of my creativity, an expression of my competitive pride. Above all, they’re my friends. I treat them as I treat my human friends. I care about their needs. I care about what’s important to them. I care about making their lives – and, in this case, not just my individual dogs, but the breed – fulfilling. Because it’s a passion it’s important to me beyond belief. It’s a very personal thing. I don’t want to impose it on other people I think everybody has to find their passion. It’s not something anybody can impose upon you. But, if your spouse enjoys it, it helps! So, that’s basically the effect Lhasa Apsos have had on my life. It’s an important responsibility. It’s an awesome responsibility to give back to the dogs, to be able to enjoy the dogs.