It was hard learning a new breed in the early sixties—there were no Lhasa breeders around me, and I had to go to Georgia Palmer (who lived 5 hours away in Chicago) for advice and help. It was Georgia who advised me to go to Gloria Fowler, and I’m so grateful for being less than knowledgeable about the breed when I got Sparky and Flame.

I might have passed these dogs by had I realized they were not “pure” or “straight” Hamilton lines…all I knew was they were happy, showy, and beautiful in my eyes! When they began winning, I received a lot of vilification about my “mongrels”—which only made me the more determined to show these people what they could do.

When Sparky had produced several champions, I began to really learn about the breed—and how to care for the coats…and it became increasingly obvious that this dog was a one-in-a-million animal! I’ve been so lucky through the years—Sparky, Avenger, Rah-Kieh, Gusto, and finally Intrepid! What a ride this has been! Now my daughter carries on the tradition with her newest Best in Show dog, Irish and Am. Ch. Showa Fantastic with Pantulf…and his kids are already winning. I’m not breeding Lhasas anymore, but I do have the No. One all-systems Toy Fox Terrier being shown—BISS Ch. Valcopy Penelope Pit Stop. A lot easier to groom, and fun to show—you may see her in a ring near you!