The hair on a Lhasa Apso grows all the time. As a result, all Lhasas require some sort of regular grooming regimen, even if the coat is kept short. Puppies should be brushed and combed about three times per week so that they become accustomed to being groomed. Lhasas that will be professionally groomed should start visiting the beauty parlor while they are still babies, so they can become accustomed to the noise and activity.

Never wait until your dog is matted to take it to the groomer’s. Not only is that irresponsible behavior for any Lhasa owner, it is not fair to the dog. Long, de-matting sessions are very uncomfortable for the animal. Lhasa owners must commit to a regular grooming schedule in order to comfortably maintain their dog. This includes Lhasas, which have short haircuts. The timing between sessions will vary considerably, depending upon whether the dog is cut down, or in full show coat, but whatever the schedule, it should be kept “religiously.”

Full-length coats on adult Lhasas can usually be maintained by regular brushing and combing. Never brush the coat dry. Always use some kind of conditioning spray prior to brushing. Depending upon the coat texture, Lhasas in full coat may need to be brushed two to three times per week. Lhasas with hard textured coats, however, can usually be maintained on a once-a-week basis. Full-coated adult dogs should generally be bathed every one to two weeks. Puppies and adult Lhasas with short haircuts can usually go longer than that, but, as a general rule, should probably be bathed at least every two to three weeks. Responsible breeders will provide detailed instructions on grooming and coat care when you pick up your puppy.