Life With Star, a Prapso

By Vicki Gallagher


Star, a smooth Lhasa Apso also known as a Prapso (Perhaps Apso), was born on May 14, 2018.  She is from a litter of 5 pups, three standard Lhasa Apsos and 2 smooths. 











             Here is a picture of Star’s brother Casey at about 6 months.

This picture shows all the pups at about 8 weeks, we were just able to tell that Star was a smooth, her smooth brother took a bit longer to determine whether or not he was smooth as well.  One of the key tell-tell signs is that they do not have what is known as a Chrysanthemum face (or the facial hair around their nose and mouth).  Star is the second from the left, you can see how her face does not have as much hair as her litter mates.

While not an expert on the Lhasa or specifically the Prapso, I can tell you about my experiences with this amazing pup.  I have had Lhasa’s exclusively since 1985.  My first was a pet shop impulse buy, but from then on, it was only Lhasa Apsos for me.   

We got Star at 3 months from one of my best friends and a long-time breeder of Lhasa Apso, Cathy Sarantis.  This is her first experience with a Smooth.  She has been breeding for over 20 years and never seen a smooth except in pictures.  We both think it has been fun and will be educational to watch Star grow up and mature.


The sire has thrown a smooth Lhasa in the past, this is the first litter for the dam.  Both parents have hard red coats which some feel has a greater tendency of having a smooth pup.  In order to produce a smooth coat (Prapso) both father and mother must be carriers of the recessive smooth gene.  If one parent is a carrier and the other is not, they may produce another carrier, however it will not produce a smooth pup. 

Star developed just as all her littermates, some owners of the Prapso feel that they develop faster and are smarter.  As Star is my first and only, I can only speak to her traits.  She is extremely smart – perhaps smarter than my other Apsos.  She certainly is more charming and is a very agile pup.  She can outrun and out-maneuver her house mates (3 other Lhasas including a 2-year-old pup), she often leaves them in the dust.  Anyone who meets her wants to know what kind of dog she is and where can they get one.  I don’t know how many times I have had someone tell me that they are going to steal her from me.  A recent trip to the Pet store resulted in her having to say hello to ALL the human and 4 legged individuals in the store, charming all.



Here is a picture of Mom (Ze-Tu).




Star started puppy classes at 12 weeks and learned quickly.  She delighted everyone in the class, especially the teachers. 




At her graduation the main trainer said she definitely is a Star!

There are lots of stories about these Prapsos and their history in Tibet.  I have heard that the Monks treasured these little dogs.  I am not sure why they have been so scarce in the US, I have heard rumors that breeders put them down because they were considered defective, most have been placed in pet homes.  I myself know of about 5 of these little treasures, I certainly cannot understand why there are not more.