How to Join ALAC


Thank you for your interest in the American Lhasa Apso Club (ALAC). ALAC seeks members who are interested in promoting and improving the breed. You are not required to be a breeder or an exhibitor to become a member; however, you must be at least 18 year old, unless you are applying for Junior Membership. The information and links on this page should help you through the application process.
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The first step – read the ALAC Code of Ethics. Members are expected to abide by this Code. If you don’t think that you can do so, the application process should end here.

The second step – If you agree to abide by the ALAC Code of Ethics, you need to find sponsors who are already ALAC members. Applicants for membership are required to have two ALAC sponsors. These sponsors must have been members of ALAC for at least one year, must be in good standing with the club, and must be from separate households. The sponsors will sign your application form and provide the Membership Chair with their phone number and email address so she can contact them to verify their sponsorship.

The third step is to print the Application for Membership Form and fill it out. Ask your sponsors to sign the form and provide their contact information. E-mail addresses are preferred. Tell your sponsors that the Membership Chair will be contacting them to verify their sponsorship.

An Associate membership is offered to people interested in the breed that do not know two ALAC members to endorse their application for full membership. Associate members are entitled to all club privileges, but may not hold office, chair a committee, or vote. Since associate membership does not include the right to vote or hold office, these members are not counted in the quorum needed to vote.

Associate Members:

  • Pay the usual application fee and dues when they apply for membership.
  • Are not allowed to use the ALAC logo or refer to the Club in advertising and will be expelled from the club for so doing.
  • May maintain their Associate Member status as long as they continue to pay annual dues.
  • May apply for full membership at any time with sponsorship from two ALAC members in good standing

Print and fill out the Associate Membership Application.

Application fee & duesChecks should be made payable to ALAC.   Dues are $35 for single memberships and $45 for couple memberships.  Payment must be made in US dollars.

Membership Checklistbefore you mail your application, use the following checklist to ensure you application is complete:

  • Applicant contact information (name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) is complete and correct. This information will be printed in the ALAC Bulletin and Roster.
  • Two sponsors who have been members in good standing for at least one year and who are from separate households have signed the application, provided contact information, and agreed to verify their sponsorship.
  • Dues payment is enclosed or credit card information has been provided.
  • The application has been signed

Mail the completed application form, dues, and application fee to the following address. Note: Make sure that your application has all of the required signatures.

Joyce Johanson, ALAC Membership Chair
126 Kurlene Drive
Macomb , IL 61455

If you have questions, you may contact Joyce by phone: 309-837-1665 or
by email:

Sponsoring an Applicant

Persons who sponsor someone for a membership in the American Lhasa Apso Club must be an ALAC member in good standing for at least one year. Sponsors must be from separate households. A sponsor must provide contact information (E-mail preferred) so the Membership Chair can contact him/her to verify the sponsorship and must be willing, if required to do so by the Board, to provide information about the applicant. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that sponsors get to know the person whom they are sponsoring and not simply sign an application because another member asks them to as a favor.