ALAC Member Of The Year Award

Member of the Year Award – PDF

This award can be presented annually to a member who has excelled on behalf of ALAC during the previous calendar year. A member can nominate another member on the appropriate ALAC club form and the form can also be in the bulletin, website or in ALAC online emails. The board can also nominate a member. The selection of the recipient will be done by the board no later than the August board meeting and will be awarded at the annual meeting or the annual banquet.

The recipient will NOT be an officer or board member, but rather someone running a committee or,  doing any type work on behalf of ALAC that deserves recognition. It is not necessary to have this award each year, but only when it is warranted.

Note:  The history of this award comes from the AKC’s offering of the Sportsman of the Year Award for parent clubs to offer to deserving members. Provided we have a deserving member, it can be presented each year.