2024 ALAC National Specialty

RV Parking

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  • Parking for the Lhasa Specialty shows is a privilege extended by the EISENHOWER HOTEL & CONFERENCE CENTER. They reserve the right to withdraw this privilege from any person who abuses it.
  • All RV Parking will be in a designated area.
  • RV Parking is $35.00/night to non-registered guests but is free to registered hotel guests.
  • You must register with the hotel, or the RV may be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • A limited number of spaces are available. No hook-ups. Must be self-contained.
  • All RV’s must be parked in the space assigned to them and the space must be left in a clean condition. All parking is at your own risk.
  • Neither the Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center nor the show-giving clubs assume any responsibility or liability for damage or loss to any vehicle or its contents including dogs.
  • All persons staying in RVs are reminded that the parking area they will occupy is part of the show grounds and subject to all rules and regulations thereof in accordance with the American Kennel Club’s Rules and Regulations pertaining to Dog Shows.

Fill out the ALAC Parking Reservation Form and Pay>>


For RV Reservations please contact Susan Giles at ssgiles@aol.com or (804) 306-7074.