Spotlight on ALAC Member’s Dogs

Karlyn Ridgley’s Luigi Coco Chinetti, CGC, TKE

Coco is owned and trained by Sue Ridgley.

I have really enjoyed this journey with Coco. He is our fourth Lhasa since 1971 and they were all really good dogs, but much different one from the other in personality.

I started training Coco when he was a 13 week old puppy, the day we brought him home from Karen’s. I first started him in puppy school for socialization. He was sooo scared he hid under my chair for the first three weeks. After that 6 week class, we started “formal training” at the Decatur Obedience Training Club, an AKC affiliated all breed club. DOTC offers traditional obedience as well as agility and other dog sports. After taking a second class, I became a member. DOTC needed a newsletter editor, so I volunteered. Coco became the “featured” editor for each newsletter.

Lhasas are wonderful dogs who respond well to food treats (the right ones), toys that squeak or pull and playing. They can seem “stubborn”, but it’s just their independent streak coming out, I think. They aren’t just in to pleasing you and don’t do things just because you command it, but if you make it really fun and get excited, they do too. When I call Coco away from something in the yard, I run away from him and yell and cheer and he stops and runs excitedly towards me and when he gets to me we run together and enjoy each other! He’s so much fun! Thanks a lot for recognizing what a great dog Lhasas are. Truly a gift from above.

Coco won his Trick Dog Elite Performer title. He is the first Lhasa to do so! I’ve posted it on Facebook, but here’s a link to our routine:
Go to YouTube to view:

He’s usually a little faster, but it passed, so I guess it was ok. The requirements are 10 tricks from the Performer and Advanced lists by AKC and a story to go with it.

Here is the link to Coco’s TDCH title for Do More With Your Dog:

Coco won his TDCH in October of 2016 and it was grandfathered in to AKC for the TKP title (Trick Dog Performer).

Do More With Your Dog was started by Kyra Sundance in 2005, as a way to have more fun with your dog. See this link for more information.z