By Coco and Sue Ridgley

It Just Makes Scents!

“A treat (or scent item) will be hidden under ONE cup, object or container and the dog will be told to “find it”. Your Lhasa should touch the container with its nose or will turn the cup/object over. (This trick is built upon at the Intermediate level where it is done with 3 cups.)

To teach this trick, get something smelly that your Lhasa likes. I used a chunk of liverwurst. Put it under a plastic cup or glass or upside down flower pot and show him that it’s there. Tell your dog to “find it”. Your dog should touch the cup with its nose, or turn it over and get the treat! [ If it’s heavy, you may have to lift the object and give him access to the treat.]

If he only touches it WITH HIS NOSE, that’s ok, get the treat and give it to him. If he paws at it, give the treat to him the first time. Then say “find it” and try it again with a fresh treat. It may take a couple of times for him/her to figure out to touch it with his nose instead of paw at it.

Here, Coco finds the treat at the Intermediate level from three objects that have been labeled and then switched around after his first successful effort.

PS: If your dog likes this trick, you might want to investigate “Nose Work” as well!