By Coco and Sue Ridgley

AKC Novice Level Trick

This is a cute trick that is also fun to do. When you tell your Lhasa, “Get in” the dog will jump or step into a box with all 4 paws and stay there until released. (I use “Box It” as my cue.” (Start with the end in mind. If you know where you are headed, it will be much easier to teach that furry friend what to do.)

Make sure the box is big enough to hold your dog. I use a paper box lid turned upside down, but you can use any size box as long as the sides are short. Later, you could also use an open suitcase, of the old-fashioned type with a lid.

Introduce the box by laying it on the floor near the dog. Allow him/her to sniff it and when he starts to investigate, click (or say ‘yes’) and give him a treat. (Throw another treat away from the box so that he moves away from the box.) Then, allow him to investigate again. Reward each time he puts a foot in the box. First, he may have one foot, another time, he may put two feet in. Reward each effort. After a while, maybe 10 to 12 tries, he may get all 4 feet in the box. Jackpot and get excited and give him lots of praise.

The next time you practice, use a similar procedure, but don’t treat until he has at least two paws in the box. Jackpot for four paws.

When you bring out the box a third time, he may just run right over and get in it and look at you! Jackpot! If he doesn’t, go back to square one and treat for his interest. Remember it takes about 100 repetitions for a dog to learn something. (That’s just 10x a day for 10 days.)

When he’s learned “box it”, see what other things he can get in_ a bigger box, a suitcase, a dog bed, a little trunk, etc. When he gets used to getting in, you can begin work on “closing the lid” which is an advanced level trick!