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Member Tutorial on updating profiles – PDF

Launch Letter and Past Due Letter in Google Docs

Member Manage Document in Google Docs – Page 16 – how to move members to a different folder and edit the renewal date.

Member Manage Doc – Click the Hamburger Menu….

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How MW Integrates with Website

Everyone needs to watch

How to add a New Member in MW

Membership Chair’s Job

Send a letter in MW

Corresponding Secretary will be doing this

Create Invoices in MW

Treasurer may have to do this

Edit Text on the Website

Web person will do this

Upload ALAC Online to Website

Marnie will do this

Upload files to Google Archives

Archives Section

Edit Tables on Website

Tables for Committees & Judge Mentors

Link a PDF on the Website

Minutes, Handbook, Desk Manual etc…

Events Calendar on the Website

Nationals, Regionals, Meetings etc…